Our Mission

Blue Dragonfly Massage practice fosters a safe environment for individuals to experience therapeutic touch in a caring and professional manner that invites healing and wellness to the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Policy


Massage performed by a licensed massage therapist involves the manipulation of soft tissue through touch to promote better health and improve well being. Recipients may experience benefits such as improved circulation, muscle relaxation, more efficient digestive and immune functions, reduction of anxiety, improved posture, deeper breathing, and a greater sense of the mind-body connection. Bodywork is cumulative and multiple sessions may be beneficial.

A licensed massage therapist does not diagnosis medical conditions or illnesses, prescribe drugs, perform spinal manipulations, or any other action outside of the scope of practice. Occasionally, a client may be offered a referral in an effort to help achieve better health, however, it is the client's responsibility to develop an independent relationship with the qualified physician or professional.

Required Information and Forms

A Health History form must be completed prior to the initial treatment and may be printed from the website, filled out, and brought with you to the appointment. Massage is contraindicated (can make certain problems worse) for some conditions so it is imperative that all health issues including those not listed on the form be presented honestly and completely. Clients must agree to keep the practitioner updated to changes in their medical profile as they occur. Please advise of any allergies so product selection may be modified.

A Client Consent form is also required prior to initial treatment. This too may be printed from the website. If client is under 18, the parent or guardian must sign the consent form in person.

Scheduling and Payment

All sessions are by appointment only. Current rates are:

  • $30 for 30 minutes / 1/2 hour
  • $50 for 60 minutes / 1 hours
  • $75 for 90 minutes / 1&1/2 hours

Please call to request appointments. When leaving a message or sending an email, include your name, phone number, and a time you would like considered. Do not assume either request has been accepted until you have been contacted.

Please understand if you are running late your session time will not be extended and full payment is expected.

If you should need to cancel your appointment, please call within 48 hours of appointed time so every effort may be made to fill your slot. Cancellations of less than 24 hours are subject to charges.

Clients with infections or illnesses that may put other clients at risk may be rescheduled at the therapist's discretion. If you are sick, please call as soon as possible so your allotted time may be reassigned and your appointment can be rescheduled.

Full payment is expected upon completion of session. Checks and cash are accepted and a receipt will be given if requested. At this time, Visa and check cards are not accepted. A check returned for insufficient funds must be dealt with immediately and will require future payments to be cash.

Authorized gift certificates are available and must be presented at the time of an appointment to receive services. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.


Confidentiality is upheld in conversation and in record keeping, during and after the session. Information will not be shared without written consent from the client unless required by law.

Privacy is maintained during the session with secure, modest draping techniques exposing only the body part being treated. If the temperature, pressure, music, or touch is uncomfortable in any way, please speak up. The session is designed for your comfort and should be enjoyed, not endured.

Because clear communication and an awareness of the work are necessary for optimal results, clients will not be treated if drug or alcohol use is suspected and full payment is required.

All therapeutic massage is non-sexual. Sexual activity, suggestive comments, or harassment will not be tolerated. The session will be terminated immediately and not rescheduled.

Occasionally a client may experience a great improvement or a bit of discomfort the day following a myofascial treatment session. Please call or email any positive or negative results of your session so your experience may be documented. Relaxed clients are often unable to completely evaluate the treatment and may have questions when they get home. Again, feel free to call or email your concerns; questions are generally answered within 24 hours.